Green Bee Laundry offers the Lehigh Valley a simple, fast and inexpensive way to overcome one of life’s never ending chores. We cater to a variety of needs and offer services including:


-Free pick-up & delivery-

-24 hour turnaround time-

-”Straight to Drawer” folding-

-Stain treatment-

-Fragrance/dye free detergents and fabric softeners-

-High Efficiency machines-

-Infant to adult clothing-


-Up-to-date order notifications via email-


By using our special Green Bee Laundry bags, we take the guesswork out of pricing. It’s simple, we give you two of our bags which hold up to 50lbs of clothing each (about two average loads of laundry per bag), you fill them, pick from our service options below, and we take care of everything else. Whether it’s one load of laundry or one hundred, the Green Bee team can get it done for you.


Service Lengths (pricing is per week):                    Service Options:

□ 2 Week Trial for $14.99                                         □ Additional Pick-ups/week

□ 1 Month for $29.99                                                □ Additional Bag(s)

□ 3 Months for $24.99                                              □ Hand wash only

□ 6 Months for $19.99                                              □ Separate whites, colors, delicates, etc.


Phone: (610) 653-8808     Email: